Streamline Your Sales Process. Close More Deals.

Increase the productivity of your sales team. Empower managers with actionable data. Share relevant information across customer-facing teams.


More Sales Teams Trust TeamGram


Number of New Sales Opportunities Created in a Month


Number of Sales Notes Written in a Month


Total Value of Opportunities Won in a Month

Customizable Sales Pipelines: TeamGram Adapts to Your Selling Style

You know your business better than anyone else. So, why change how you sell just to use a CRM? Instead, choose one that works the way you do.

Define your unique sales pipeline. Then, easily view, measure, analyze, and improve all aspects of sales to make your team perform at their best.

A Better Way to Track Sales Opportunities

Don't wait for reports anymore. TeamGram CRM lets you quickly see how all your opportunities are progressing in your pipeline.

Just click on any opportunity to see more information. You can also easily update them by dragging and dropping. It's that simple.

Hit Your Targets

Set targets for individual users, departments or the whole company. Measure actual performance against them in real-time.


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Professional executive
Kimberly Quinn

We started using TeamGram to create sales quotes easier, faster and without errors. But now we manage our entire sales process from beginning to end, with TeamGram.

Zuhal Elden
Metraj Tente

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Sales executive
Amelia Fields

Instant Access to Information

Consolidate customer information in one secure, searchable, ultra-fast repository. Get instant access to meeting notes, emails, sales quotes, contact details and more.

Identify Qualified Leads

More leads mean more business.

TeamGram CRM comes with powerful lead management tools that help you identify more qualified leads and feed more sales opportunities to your pipeline.

Reduce Time Spent on Preparing Sales Quotes by 90%

Need more time to close deals? Spend less time writing sales quotes.

TeamGram CRM has a super-fast quoting engine that helps your sales team generate sales quotes 10 times faster, giving them more time to talk with customers.

Why companies
prefer TeamGram

Long Sales Cycles

TeamGram is optimized for businesses with extended sales cycles spanning weeks or months.

Growth Aspirations

TeamGram simplifies sales scalability through enhanced visibility and heightened productivity.

Ease of Use and Cost Effectiveness

TeamGram operates in the cloud, eliminating the need for expensive installations, setups, servers, administrative tasks, or training.

Return on Investment

Experience immediate ROI through enhanced sales performance.





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