There Is a Better Way To Collaborate

Emails, phone calls and text messages kill your productivity.
Use TeamGram’s news feed to follow your team's work and share information with them.

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Your Entire Business at Your Fingertips


Share customer conversations, emails and more with your team.


Share your feedback and appreciation.

Mobile Apps

Free iOS and Android apps.

File Attachments

Attach files, images, drawings to notes and comments.


Instantly find notes containing the words you are looking for.

Security Settings

Restrict access to sensitive content.


Quick access to everything carrying the same tag.

CRM Links

Associate your notes with CRM records.

Your Company's Internal Social Network

Excessive emails and phone calls can hurt your team’s productivity.

TeamGram’s news feed is a better, safer way to keep everyone in the loop.

Share posts. Add pictures and files. Restrict access to sensitive content.

Read posts shared by coworkers. Write comments. Even like them to show your appreciation.

Share Updates with Your Team

Link your notes to customers, contacts, and other CRM records.

Make your notes a permanent part of your customer history. Make CRM records instantly accessible from the news feed.

Connect From Anywhere

TeamGram’s news feed is the ideal medium to share information across distributed teams.

Short on time?
Filter Your News Feed.

Browsing TeamGram's news feed is faster than reading emails.

Save even more time with filters that only display the messages you are interested in.

You can remove filters at any time to display all messages.


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“Do you use social media?

Here is a tool that will take your company forward by using this habit.”

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Sales executive
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Never Feel Left Out

Don’t let fear-of-missing-out destroy your productivity. You have better things to do.

A glance at the news feed is all you need to catch up with your coworkers.

Tag & Find

Add #hashtags to your notes. A single click lists all notes with the same hashtag.

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